Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And now we Wait

Today I opened the fridge at work and a fly flew out. 

Water Closet

As I've never worked in an office environment before my current job, I've had many new learning experiences. Mostly realizing how slovenly and foul humans can be. 

For instance, the office fridge. Half eaten, month old BBQ ribs, abandoned chinese food entrees, unexplained sticky puddles and food I can't identify that might have come alive. 

It's a daily battle finding a place for my lunchbox to sit so I don't find it covered in creeping mold or having it smell like moldy cheese. 

But that is nothing compared to the women's bathroom. I often take a moment to pause, look around the room and question which of the women I see have committed the atrocities inside it. On any given day one of the two stalls will be overflowing with putrid messes and the remaining stall has water all over the seat and floor. 

I want to say; Ladies, this toilet is not the entrance to the Ministry of Magic, please don't climb in it! Water all over the sink so if you lean too close while applying more lipgloss you entire front is soaked. 

Some environmentally minded soul turn out the lights after she uses the facilities, so the next person has to use the restroom while the fluorescent lights give you an seizure while they settle. 

And of course the pervasive, ever-lingering smells that waft out into the hallway, masked only slightly by the scent of orange blossom room spray.

No one told me working in an office would be this hard. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Saw these two on the train last week. They were both barefoot for a start. Grungy from the tips of their unwashed heads to the bottoms of their curly, cracked toenails. 

Flower Power Sour

The man took out his ukulele and showed it to a fellow passenger. These two are planning on hitchhiking to Colorado. Godspeed hippies, I hope you can hitchhike to 1967 where you belong. If I could adequately explain how these folks smelled, I would. But my nose hasn't recovered yet. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We'll do it our Way! Yes our Way! Make all our Dreams Come True!

So I moved down to the city on the 4th, I believe I established that. I've got a job at a call center which means lots of talking and sitting down, both fields I excel in. I've met some wacky characters at work and seen lots of colorful folks on my daily commute. Will detail all the strange things I've been seeing.

Here's a preview:

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I am steps from Wrigley! and I found an abandoned wig in Boystown. It could be a tumble-weave. 

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Enjoying downtown. 

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Saw someone who hates their insurance company and their van. Seeing lots of street art.