Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hair Confidence

For many women it is important to appear confident and collected. One way to achieve this certainty is to have a bitchin' haircut. Others still use their hair as a shield, pushing their unruly bangs into their eyes to avoid conversation. As you might have surmised, I lack hair confidence. My hair usually ends up shaped like a lampshade despite the effort I put into it. The bottom layers are curly and the top layers swoosh slightly. It will neither fully straighten nor fully curl. The result is that my head usually looks: blah. Thankfully some kind soul invented the ponytail.

Since late 2009 my hair has been even weirder than normal. You see at one time I suffered from some supreme malarkey known as mononucleosis. In addition to throwing up everywhere, engorging my liver, and losing 10 lbs.; my hair decided to fall out. Apparently the shock to my immune system informed my hair follicles they were no longer needed. Great clumps of hair came out in the shower or whenever I sneezed. At one point I considered rocking the Natalie Portman hair circa V for Vendetta. Fortunately the universe smiled on me and my hair, slowly, oh so slowly, began to grow again. Since that time I've been a teensy bit terrified of flat irons and hair dryers. I don't want the precious strands to break and abandon me like they did that summer.

I might never achieve hair confidence but at least female pattern baldness doesn't run in the family.

What I'm listening to: Haircuts by Heart Shaped Hate

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