Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

In mid November 2002 I was sitting in German class trying to conjugate verbs with all my might. There I was memorizing a huge list of present perfect tense verbs and participles (to swim: geschwommen, to work: gearbeitet, to die: gestorben) when a voice comes over the loud speaker. "Will Anneke please come to the front office."

Now something to know about me I was in high school, what they call a "goody two shoes" a "suck up." I never got a detention, I was rarely late for class and I never abused the restroom pass. I sat in the front, paid attention in class and turned in all my homework on time. So I had no idea why little old me would be dragged into the front office. I didn't have a dentist appointment, I didn't forget my lunch at home, I hadn't left the stove on, so I had to be in trouble.

I shuffled out of my seat and made my way down the A wing hallway, past the poorly drawn murals and dented lockers. I walked past senior bench and the cafeteria and went into the front office. My sister Heidi was standing in front of Mrs. Gonder's desk with a grim look set on her face. Heidi said, "Anneke there's been a family emergency so I'm going to take you home." I was too afraid to ask what might have happened, maybe I had left the stove on after all.

Heidi and I walked in silence out to her green firebird. When I buckled my seat belt I was on the verge of tears. "What happened?" I quibbled. Heidi looked at me and burst out laughing. "Relax, I'm kidnapping you, we're going to see the new Harry Potter movie, it came out today!"

Heidi and I had an excellent time at the movies (even though Dobby's CGI looked a bit weird). She came to my school, freaked out a "goody two shoes" and made me feel ok about breaking a rule once in a while.

Heidi, even though you're far away in Wyoming I hope you think about your little sister. I know I think about you. Happy birthday!

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