Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Entire Country is Raining.

Here in Banbury, we lost power for several days, and I was busy doing important things, so I couldn't post. However I still want to explain how I got from Dublin to England.

Flying over Ireland, making a rapid descent, I was struck by how green and quaint everything was. No skyscrapers like when I left Chicago. Then, as we complete our landing I an able to remark my surroundings from the ground. The first thing I notice: a huge field of cows. Next to the airport. Possibly some sheep as well.

I now had the task of staying awake for an additional 4 hours before my connecting flight. After going through security again I entered the main terminal. I looked at the large board, found my flight, and found the airline had not yet set a gate for my flight. So I picked one that seemed quiet and tucked in for the duration.

The sky was overcast and grim. Which I took as a sign that I would instantly fall asleep in the airport, wake up 7 hours later, having missed my flight. To take my mind off things I walked up and down the terminal. I walked past cafes in which patrons were enjoying, what I can only assume is traditional, breakfast pints. I walked past overpriced Ireland sweatshirts and umbrellas and designer bags. Then I slunk back to my deserted gate. 

In the bathroom this contraption is available for anyone with 2 Euros. Why anyone would take the time to straighten their hair in an airport terminal, with a supposedly "sterile" flat iron is beyond my comprehension. Although the women in said lavatory seemed to find my taking a picture of this malarkey, while giggling, stranger than the machine itself. 

Once back at my gate, I scanned the large TV mounted on the left wall. Yes, according to the BBC, the entire country was raining. What have I gotten myself into? Also, my phone didn't appear to be in working order. Although I had bullied my Dad into calling the phone company (the night before I left, thanks Dad) to "unlock" my phone, it seemed puzzled. A red SOS was flashing where the network bars should have been. 

After three gate changes I finally boarded the flight to London. But here are some random observations I made in the downtime. 

Must buy darker sunglasses so I can stare at people more easily. 

That man wearing the sequin top over there has very shapely calves. 

Putting my sweater in my checked bag was not the best idea I've ever had. 

Yep, I'm stress sneezing and chilly, that sweater would have been awesome. 

Luggage tags! Why didn't I buy luggage tags? 

Must develop a way to suavely put my carry on into the overhead compartment without yelling "oh dear God" or something similar. 

What will I do when I land in London without a usable phone? 


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