Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally in England!

So, I boarded my flight from Dublin and made a short jet to London Gatwick. Now! To the bus terminal!

I found the bus terminal and and even had enough time to board the early bus. But it took 4 tries to exit the airport correctly and find the right bus. I had to ask approximately 6 people for directions. Finally I got to the right coach. Now, to get my massive bags into to compartments. And I thought putting my carry on in the overhead bin was embarrassing.

While pushing this trolley I failed to notice I was squeezing to brakes. For seven minutes. 

I almost exited the coach at the wrong moment. How was I supposed to know the bus stopped at Heathrow twice? Thankfully the nice bus driver took pity on me and directed me to my destination. While at Heathrow, waiting for my bus to Banbury, I ruminated on another problem: my phone doesn't work.

How could I let my friends know I was in the same country as them, and indeed headed towards their residence? I battled with the pay phone for over 15 minutes (including one whispering phone operator) and finally got though to Lettuce. For 25 seconds. Then the call cut out.

I'm sure this rain will stop soon and the sun will come out and stay out for my whole trip! It can't possibly rain every day! 

When boarding the bus to Banbury the coach driver derisively noted my American accent. He He, I do speak differently from you! What an astounding observation! I'm going to get on the bus now. Finishing off a pack of Starbursts wasn't enough to stave off the fatigue. My head was doing the droop then jerk back repeatedly. What if I missed my stop and ended up in Wales?

Will I ever make it to my friend's house? Spoiler, yes.

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