Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Fancy

The reader(s) of this blog are fully aware of my aversion to cats. As previously stated, I just don't get cats. What's their deal? 

Anyway, I am currently sharing a house with my two lovely friends and their insane cats. They have two, adolescent, female cats. Having not spent prolonged time around cats before, I've had to adjust to a few things. For instance, these particular cats whine and pine at my door morning, noon, and night because it is the one room in the house they are forbidden from. 

Well, that's breakfast done, when is dinner?!

Zibah, named after a space-skunk from x-men, is the dumb one. She always has a bewildered look on her stupid little face. Her ears move in different directions because she can't determine where sounds are coming from. Also, she does not know how her hind legs work. 

Rogue, the conniving one, squirrels her way into closets, alcoves, purses and boxes. She hisses at people petting her, baits her sister, and generally plans dastardly deeds. 

I've had new and illuminating experiences with hairballs, shedding, and claws. 

Today Rogue, in a fit of fright, sprinted into the living room and bounded onto the couch. With her she brought in a trail of feces. Rogue then proceeded to squat walk around the living room like a dog with an itchy rear end. Apparently, this cat has a habit of literally scaring the !@$* out of herself. She has peed all over herself in fear. 

Once again, I question the upsides of cat ownership. 


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