Friday, September 23, 2011

Is My Dad's Smart Phone Making Him Stupid?

Because the universe seems intent on complicating my life in myriad ways, I've been having numerous problems with my beautiful Blackberry, my credit card, and England's postal service. This means that I have had to request lifelines from my parents, specifically my Dad as he's got such a talent of subtly demeaning the Sprint customer service employees. 

However, sometimes my Dad gets distracted and I have to remind him that I'm 3963 miles from home or (6378 kilometers if you prefer). I sort of need my phone to work, and you know credit cards are fairly useful too. Some of these e-mail exchanges between papa and I get a bit sidetracked. On his part. 

Dad: I Like Beck and Beasties. Do I want to buy the whole album? 

Me: Did you read my last e-mail? I need your verification information for the Sprint account.


Me: Dad I realize you're busy but it's been over three weeks since I first asked. I want to book some youth hostel and train tickets.


Me:  Any update about my phone or package?

 Dad: When u get back. A very Harold & Kumar Christmas starts Nov. 4. 
             Sent from my HTC smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint! 

Smart phone? I think not. 

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