Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This post contains spoilers. But seriously I'm saving you the trouble of slogging through this hot mess.

So I couldn't resist the sequel to Hush, Hush so I scampered out to my local library to get the next installment.

Once again Patch acts like a total douche the entire time. But! Now there is a second dude who's just as jerky as Patch! Nora gets pushed around by 100% more dudes than she did in the first book. And they make sure to up the ante.

The dudes, break into her house, roofie her, chase her, try to blow her up, shoot her (tragically not fatal), invade her dreams, change her thoughts, get in fist fights for her honor, try to sexually assault her, kidnap her, threaten to murder her, try to murder her, abuse her mentally and physically, and of course break her heart.

Once again Nora is fairly certain Patch wants to kill her dead. But he's still so dreamy!

Nora is that unfortunate combination of too stupid to live but unkillable. She stumbles around the entire book wondering if some will kill her and "throw her body in a dumpster." But instead of doing something anything about it she sits around passively leaving the doors to her house unlocked.

Fitzpatrick fails to flesh out the world of fallen angels. And the "plot" remains at WTF as ever. But she does mention the fallen angels built an amusement park in upstate Maine! That makes sense! And adds to my understanding about the motivations of fallen angels.

Finally, at one point the fallen angels and co. go to a club called the Devil's Handbag.  Just let that sink in. The Devil's Handbag. You didn't know the devil carries a purse? Well he does! God! It's as hot as the devil's handbag in here! I hope Nora doesn't get murdered in the devil's handbag!

Wait, I do want that.

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