Friday, March 11, 2011

Brief Encounters With Unrecognized Genius

 My brother, like the majority of the people in my family, is a bona fide, incontrovertible, terrifying genius. He epitomizes the salt of the earth, unsung heroism that is America.

His hip-hop rhymes can heard at the following myspace address: He croons under the moniker DJ Barely Legal. His skills are so fresh it's almost criminal.

  Tonight, as my frozen pizza slowly cooked in the oven, DJ BL (as I like to call him) came in from the garage (his office). With a quizzical look on his freckled face he approached me with a query.

"Anneke, imagine if scientists built a rocket that could travel faster than the speed of light. If they equipped it with a telescope they could see into the past. We could see stars and planets forming. And if we pointed it at the earth, we could see Jesus getting crucified. And the dinosaurs."

Then he paused, the ensuing silence was pregnant with meaning. Meaningful meaning. My father and I were so overcome with awe we could not reply. DJ BL retreated to the garage, undoubtedly to compose more cerebral ruminations. My father and I were left to contemplate the DNA that crafted such an individual.

Put this in your gramophones, post haste! Saddest Song EVER

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