Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Exercise my Right to be Lazy

I spend more time imagining driving to the gym, mapping out biking routes, and picturing my perfectly toned lady abs than I ever do exercising.

I went on an insane three hour bike adventure earlier this week. As I powered up the final hill I got a burst of self confidence. I made it! I defeated you hill! I'm on top of the world! Or at least the top of this hill!

My self-esteem took a slight dip when a 65 year old man breezed past me and complimented my fine pedaling. Being outstripped by someone who qualifies for Medicare frightens me.

Maybe I should work out more than twice a year.

Ear Happiness: Don't listen to this when exercising

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  1. ~unrelated to this post~
    did we scare you off? public chat too much for you? miss PM. ^_^