Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jo-Bro Blows

 I consider myself to be a classy-ass lady; I drink my Boone's Farm from a glass. Which is why I am flabbergasted that I can turn on PBS and see the likes of Nicholas Q. Jonas. I was so affronted my monocle fell out and I had to fetch my smelling salts. I nearly got the vapors. Luckily whenever I watch PBS I always make sure to position myself near a fainting couch just in case. For shame PBS, for shame.

This Guy Doesn't Look French to Me

Promptly Put This Song in Your Ear. What You Know


  1. Tried to put the song in my ear but was distracted by women in short shorts and skirts unsynchronized dancing.

  2. Focus on the ginger, ignore the hoes.