Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The next Ginsberg

This is a poem my friend Lettuce and I composed out of word magnets in English class. Sorry Mrs. R learning about Gulliver just wasn't captivating, this was a better use of my time.

Shake terribly or leave life
Deep river shares hope, look behind forest, see glad music
Friend ask me yes tell little joy talk, either why or whine
Once upon a castle, the child twirls with sad bird friend
Happy man and special girls are fun and heave the baby in the happy lake Dames will fly home fast upon glass balloon dinosaur and bounced Summer stop summer garden, he oiled my enormous owl
Squirrel of time in need of dozens of frogs
Fragile poem friend glows so light Empty night and dad so bright Please give her that generous top hat, mom

Clothe my dad on to of this barn, for home together
Shout if you want simple party cat for fun No, eat me fossil
Ask heavy touch explore my sister slowly Beat her sympathy before and bubble together Sudden rain color my main child in dark heat
Sense or imagine, wish my museum was interesting
Filthy night sky was born although she flew for the black sun
Wild eyes wonder with surprise after his good painting
Toy ball stunned care she went down crying
Grow round yet gentle manly cloud is born
Once safe he had his dream cocoon
Nest down her where it never told a whisper
Lucky green apple glared inside

Glad as flower wrote, or follow not your heart
Hair grow tall, slam across people, flood flower discovering that edge Funny but wet, short, and pink remember turn, jump, feel
Curl that silly smile bigly to chose with silent heart
Begin it like fast box she told, road help said put hole, go on vacation Grow quick on bed like some short colored dog
One hot fly we sit little, each dog ran home brown gem

Eat rain water and ate stop, had put far one side plant creature
Yes, able parent sprint differently
Good point, shy letter flew at mom, read saw voice went mean
Turn and walk, turn moon water red
Filthy night sky was born although she flew for the black sun
Excite where she went

Musical Poetry

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