Monday, February 27, 2012

Wyoming Update.

In the past I may have insinuated that Rock Springs is a bit, boring. Boy was I wrong.

Originally settled because of coal, a rough and tumble town grew up around the mine. Unfortunately, one day the white coal miners, fueled by anti-Chinese rage, killed between 28 and 50 immigrants and chased the rest out of town the state the southwest.

Butch Cassidy called Rock Springs home and had a butcher shop here.

In 1970, the show 60 Minutes shed national coverage on the widespread gambling and prostitution rings. Some said the local government officials were getting a cut of the trade.

In the late 70's the town hired a tough as nails Wyatt Earp-esque fastest gun in the west. The new sheriff brought in a deputy from the NYPD to go undercover to bust the pimps and close down the gambling rings. The deputy turned dirty, pulled a gun on the sheriff and was shot dead.

The youtube comments for this video are choice. 

Now instead of women of ill repute there's just good old fashioned strippers! Apparently no less than two angry women have driven through the front wall of the "lounge." 

You know what they say ladies, hit him up style! And with your minivan! 

Blu would be proud. 

Basically living in Wyoming is like HBO's Deadwood. But with more swearing. 

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