Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Curse of the Amish.

I have developed a new theory about the Amish.

Maybe the Amish didn't shun technology because of God: maybe they were too inept to use it. Maybe those modern zippers and electric filaments stymied the Amish until their beards grew long. They just couldn't understand the modern world so they made up some malarkey about vanity and piousness.

I've had quite a while to contemplate this because my laptop has been out of service for a week. My power cord broke and I had to order a new one. In fact, since I have been here my external hard drive and  iTunes have died.

This is a systemic problem I have with technology. Well it has a problem with me. Technology hates me. iPods crumble under my fingers, computers crash, DVD players freeze, GPS units start spewing out directions in Mandarin.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll be forced to join the Amish.


  1. So did you get a new power cable? How much did I pay for it?

  2. If you want I can return the power cord to Amazon then I can sit back and admire my $500 paperweight.

    And to answer your question only 10 pounds.