Thursday, November 3, 2011

Aberdeen and the Highlands

So I made it back to Banbury without incident, in the normal amount of time. No floods or giant moth monsters came out of the sky to ruin my day. It was actually quite nice.

Anyway as I am back to my laptop I can post the pictures of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, incidentally, is full of imposing granite buildings, giant oil tankers in the harbor and wind. It is possibly the windiest place I have ever been in my life.

During my trip my hosts took me out to the highlands where I saw wild pheasant, grouse, one million sheep and adorable cows.

The wild birds were not happy to see my camera.

Who would build a house out in the middle of nowhere?

My awesome hosts.

This room smelled of warm bread and sugar. 

Seriously visiting a whiskey distillery is like Wonka's chocolate factory for adults.

Moment of truth: Not as burny as I expected. 

Should give you some inkling of how wet and windy it was. 

We went to a graveyard that had several ostentatious headstones.

I didn't see any flies; I wonder if the plants are hungry. 


I enjoy the contrast of arid desert inside and bleak, wet grayness outside.

City hall. 

The sea was amazing. All the Scots on the train were nonplussed. They just looked at their phones. 

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