Tuesday, November 8, 2011

E4 and the Curse of Terrible American TV

Remember when I said the majority of British TV that filters across the pond is the creme de la creme? Well the formula here is reversed. That's right in addition to making shallow imitations of our shows:

Television executives also display the worst American shows here. Half the time when I see the advert for the "fresh, cool" American show, I have no idea what it is. I've never heard of some of these programs. Furthermore I see adverts for shows that have already been cancelled in America. "Charlie's Angels coming soon to e4!" Great are you going to show the whopping three episodes they filmed? 

Hey you remember that TBS show Glory Daze about the crazy go-go 80's fraternity life?!? I thought not. Well even though there are only 10 episodes total the show is popular here. 

All of the "quality" programming from the CW and ABC family channel is represented. And the Brits lap it up. They think 90210 is an amazing show; the best we have to offer. 

Yeah let's have a 12 hour Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory, and My Name is Earl marathon! Because that's representative of the best American comedy. Apparently. 

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