Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I learned in Glasgow: Part 1

The more times I visit Glasgow the more I like love it. It reminds me of Chicago. The cities have a similar vibe. Both are working class cities, with big-hearted, foul-mouthed locals. Glasgow has a crosstown rivalry, with dire hard fans; and the Celtics lose as much as the Cubs. I had an awesome visit, and I hope I'll be back soon.

Technically some of these pictures are from Edinburgh, but what the heck.

All the garbage cans in Scotland look like this. Not very efficient if you ask me. 

From the museum of my nightmares children.

Well I could see a child liking that...

Dear God. 

Edinburgh is full of cheesy tourist shops and pirates.

I went to GOMA the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. Let me just say it's lucky the place if free. Lord knows thrifty Scots wouldn't pay to see modern "art." The comment book was littered with slander too colorful for this blog. But I will say the comments made me laugh; more than the "art."

Lamp stack = art.

At this point I stopped in an adjacent room to watch a short film; also supposedly art. The film dealt with the tumultuous and complex relationships between men and their cocks. But I had to leave because there was too much blood; I get queasy. Also I think cock-fighting is wrong, no matter how complex the relationship between man and bird is.

Seriously that's not art. 

Ok that's just obscene.

I wonder what the artist was thinking about why sculpting these.

A house made out of glued-together bread boxes. Genius? 

When I hear people laud the worthiness of modern art I get a feeling the little child felt in the story "The Emperor's New Clothes."  I just stare at their rapt faces and wonder if they're trying to pull a fast one on me. 

I guess I'm not cultured enough to appreciate the virtuosity of glued-together bread boxes.

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