Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Day of My Life

Update from Scotland 5: Yesterday I left Aberdeen and took the train to Glasgow. The ride was uneventful and I had a great day with my friends! Wait, that doesn't sound like my life. What actually happened was this:

The train ride was fine from Aberdeen to Stirling minus one minor embarrassment of me trying to shove my receipt instead of my ticket into the ticket taker. At Stirling we made our regularly scheduled stop, but did not move after all the passengers had alighted.

The train conductor informed me that the train was delayed. Acceptable. After an hour we were moved to busses. Fine. And then we were suppossed to transfer from the busses to another train. OK. But the bus driver drove us to the wrong town. Read that sentance again. Fine. After the bus driver got us to the correct town (he had to stop and ask directions amid the shouts of 'yer gaun the wrang wiy!!' from the back of the bus) an hour later, we got to a train in some tiny pisspot village.

40 minutes later I finally got on a train headed to Glasgow. Got to correct train station once I was in Glasgow. I specifically asked the employee who sold me my train ticket what train and platform. And he puts me on the only train that skipped the stop I needed. So I had to get off the train and turn around, backtrack, while holding back angry tears.

It took me 8 hours to get from Aberdeen to Glasgow. A journey that should take just over 2.

This is my life.

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