Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cymru! Part Deux!

On my second day in Wales I went down to the famous Cardiff bay. I hailed a water taxi and took a relaxing ride down to the waterfront.

 On the way the driver told me all about Cardiff, the bay renovation projects, local history and he pointed out amazing sights along the waterfront.

 It costs about 200,000 pounds to live along the river or the bay. There are tons of ultra-modern high rise apartments along the river. I arrived at the bay and set off. I saw the magnificent Cardiff Millennium Center; pictured below. The building is vast and has several cafes and shops inside. There is also a theater, a performance space, and spaces for community gatherings.

One of the only opportunities I had to get a picture of myself. 

Here are some examples of the interesting architecture and sculptures around the Cardiff bay area.  

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