Friday, October 28, 2011

Larks and Parks: My first trip to London

Soon after I arrived in this country London was set upon by disaffected youths who set everything within sight on fire. Well everything they couldn't steal that is. Naturally this was not an ideal situation for me; so I stayed in safe, quiet Banbury for the duration.Then I got lazy and went to a bunch of other places to see loads of other things, none of which were in London. Finally I decided ot was time to go, on the most blustery day in weeks. Here are some of the cool, weird, strange, and amazing things I saw.

Remember that Lily Larisa was holding? It pollinated all over me. So I put my shirt inside out.
I tried to find the most British man; he's a top contender.

Can you spot me?

I tried to get a full shot of this stylish, hurried man, but I was foiled.

I cried a little when I saw this. I miss tacos so much.

What must they think of us?

You remember that old American favorite: hot dogs in a jar. No, me neither.

I attempted to get a picture of this man's Marc Jacobs tote bag. He saw me out of the corner of his eye and sprinted away.

A nice Japanese woman capturing the moment her husband got pecked by an annoyed swan.

Ah, young love. So classy.

This statue represents America. I can see it...I think.

Princess Diana's memorial fountian.

This teen's questionable haircut is the last thing I saw before getting on the train home.

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