Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cardiff is for Weirdos

I have been trying to work up the courage to take pictures of weird people I encounter on my travels. This is not going well, and people in this county can be fast walkers when I hover around with my camera. In the meantime, I have been taking pictures of strange things; which is great because inanimate objects rarely give you strange looks or demand you get that camera out of their face. Here are some of the strange things I found in Cardiff:

That cherub has too much sass for my taste. 

This mer-horse also troubles me. 

Her regular-sized features make me want to purchase that hat! 

This store needs to reassess its marketing strategies. 

No wonder the haircuts in the picture are so shoddy. 

I see no obvious correlation between America and nails. 

Why make a sculpture of salad? 

This I find weird but also neat. 

Not sure if this animal exists in nature. 

Lunch! Now it's time to eat your best friend, children! 

Men in Wales brought these to battle. War goats. 

Who doesn't need this stylish velcro wallet? 

This was on a chart featuring dozens of breeds of sheep.

I like nature, but not this much. 

Seriously, why would I need this knowledge? 


The devil is less intimidating when he's only a foot tall. 


I found this in a church. It looks like Voldemort. 

She seems hungry. 

I was too afraid to see what the Welsh Hooters girls looked like. 

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