Saturday, October 15, 2011

Give me more of that wailin' sax!

I just returned home from Wales. The train from Banbury to Cardiff only took a mere three hours. This trip was the result of hours of planning, fevered "what ifs," and then more planning. I found a charming hotel, I got on the correct train and headed off.

I hope 7 pairs of shoes is enough! 

After I made my first transfer, the train conductor came to check everyone's tickets. Much to my dismay the conductor informed me that my ticket was not valid. The "Super-off-peak" ticket I had was only valid after 10 AM. It was only 9 in the morning. Thankfully I printed out my ticket conformation and he let me continue on my way. 

When I arrived in Cardiff I took a long look at my city map. And promptly got lost. It took me about 40 to find my hotel. The staff were friendly and accommodating.  

Cardiff is a city that is stepped in tradition and modernity. There is an auspicious, and immense, Roman fort running along one side of the city. There are also two ancient cathedrals in the city center. It's weird because I came hundreds of miles to see these ancient Roman battlements that now lay next to tennis courts. Here is a Medieval cross that is now in the center of a parking lot. 

My first day I wandered around, trying to navigate my map, mostly watching people and taking in the surroundings. Cardiff is a cosmopolitan city full of hipsters, Germans, students, women in full burkas, and the occasional Welsh person. The only landmark I got to was the Cardiff central library which was a huge building that has been featured on the popular (and totally awesome) TV show: Dr Who. 

It was a nice respite to the cold rain outside. The library is full of interesting seating and and dynamic views. 
After I ate dinner at a respectable little pub I walked home and fell into a dead sleep. 


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