Thursday, October 20, 2011

Falling Pregnant: A British-ism I Despise

Bun in the oven, knocked up or in the family way are familiar expressions on our side of the pond. But in the UK people use the phrase "fell pregnant." I first became aware of this phrasing during a 5 hour "Underage and Pregnant" marathon with Larisa.

Many of the girls and their mothers say their daughters "fell pregnant" before shrugging apathetically. Having a baby at a young age is far more acceptable in this country than in America. There is much more support for young mums so many drop out of school, live in government housing and raise their children. The downside is that many young girls don't finish their education and continue a cycle (most of the moms featured on "Underage and Pregnant" are single moms with multiple kids).

Specifically, Banbury is full of young mothers carting around two or three kids and I see many pregnant teens hanging out in the city center with their friends. It is a trend here and across the UK.

My issue is the phrase "fell pregnant" specifically when the parents say it. Your 15/16 year old child did not slip and "fall" pregnant, she didn't catch it like a cold. The wording makes it seem like the girl was struck down with an ailment that was inevitable/ that she had no part of. Take responsibility: you got knocked up. Own it.

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